Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Subjective World of James Arthur Ray

James Arthur Ray would have the world believe he is innocent and that his motives are pure ::: that his goals are to teach ::: provide a valuable service ::: help people grow and expand their lives.

James Arthur Ray told the world he was knowledgeable and certified to teach.  In James Arthur Ray's world ::: facts are irrelevant and lies are truths.

James Arthur Ray told the world ...

he had studied and been initiated into the shamanic rituals of Hawaiian Huna.

he has studied with Native American teachers to conduct Sweat Lodges

he studied Holotrophic Breathwork® under Stanislav Grof, M.D., Ph.D.

he is certified to teach Holtrophic Breathing®

he is certified to teach The Samurai Game®

he is God

James Arthur Ray told his clients they would grow rich in all areas of life if they followed him and his teachings.  Then he made them sign impossibly long disclaimers before his events. 

James Arthur Ray told his followers if they read his books and attended his retreats ...

they could accomplish anything ...

they would gain health ...

they would gain wealth ...

they would be safe ...

James Arthur Ray told the world he is an honorable person ... his actions before and during his trial have proved otherwise.

James Arthur Ray has NEVER stopped a sweat lodge while people lay unconscious.

James Arthur Ray left to shower and eat while dozens of his clients lay unconscious after Spiritual Warrior 2009.

James Arthur Ray DID NOTHING while dozens of people lay dead or dying in the mud.

James Arthur Ray lied to the police when asked who was in charge of the Sweat lodge.

James Arthur Ray then lawyered up ::: refused to speak with the police ::: and the fled the state.

James Arthur Ray embezzled millions in corporate funds and used this money to pay for his legal defense.

James Arthur Ray has consistently denied ANY and ALL responsibility for anyone maimed or killed during ANY and ALL of his events.

James Arthur Ray has NEVER apologized to ANY of the victims or their families ... never apologized to the people who's money he stole.

James Arthur Ray sat back and allowed his defense team to do everything in their power to dehumanize, insult, defame, invalidate and offend anyone testifying against him.

James Arthur Ray allowed his defense team to file countless lengthy objections, motions and complaints against Yavapai County.

Now James Arthur Ray wants his verdict vacated so they can start the trial process all over again.


People like James Arthur Ray have way too many loop holes allowing them to circumvent the law.  The outrageous laws that allow this to happen need to be challenged.

If enough people make enough noise we can make a difference.

We the PEOPLE have more power than James Arthur Ray could ever envision. But we need to speak up. Call, write and email YOUR government officials NOW!!!

I'm trying everything in my power to make a difference.  Will you please join me?

email the Governor of Arizona and tell her how you feel about the James Arthur Ray trial.

Contact your State Senator and tell them how you feel about the James Arthur Ray Trial

email President Obama and tell him how you feel about the James Arthur Ray Trial


California is the only state in the nation with independent professional judges dedicated to ruling on attorney discipline cases.

The State Bar of California investigates complaints of attorney misconduct. If the State Bar determines that an attorney's actions involve probable misconduct, formal charges are filed with the State Bar Court by the bar's prosecutors (Office of Chief Trial Counsel).

The independent State Bar Court hears the charges and has the power to recommend that the California Supreme Court suspend or disbar attorneys found to have committed acts of professional misconduct or convicted of serious crimes.

For lesser offenses, public or private reprovals may be issued by the State Bar Court.
Also, it can temporarily remove lawyers from the practice of law when they are deemed to pose a substantial threat of harm to clients or the public.

Lawyers may seek review of State Bar Court decisions in the California Supreme Court.
The State Bar Court conducts hearings and makes decisions and formal recommendations on disciplinary matters.

Since 1989, the court has used full-time judges appointed by the California Supreme Court, legislature and governor. The court is divided into two departments a Hearing Department and a Review Department, headed by a presiding judge.

File a complaint at:

U.S. Supreme Court

Caplin & Drysdale v. United States, 491 U.S. 617 (1989)
Caplin & Drysdale, Chartered v. United States
No. 87-1729
Argued March 21, 1989
Decided June 22, 1989
491 U.S. 617

In Caplin & Drysdale, Chartered v. United States, 2 the Supreme Court rejected the constitutional challenge to seizures of attorneys' fees. However, the debate over seizures of fees often misses an important concern. The real issue at stake is not whether prosecutors can seize attorneys' fees, but whether attorneys should be able to accept the fees in the first place. This misplaced focus reflects the fact that the attorneys' fee issue has been viewed primarily through the lens of defendants' Sixth Amendment right to counsel, without adequate consideration of lawyers' ethical obligations to decline their clients' ill-gotten gains.

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