Thursday, September 22, 2011

Actions Speak Louder than Words

I remember thinking how thoughtless (not to mention stupid) it was for James Arthur Ray's Dream Defense Team to post all his letters to the court with personal information attached.  I mean it's one thing to send your support ::: it's altogether an other to have your private personal information plastered on the world wide web for everyone to download and see.

Fast forward almost a week ::: and MANY complaints later ::: James Arthur Ray's Dream Defense Team was forced to file an emergency motion to seal these letters.  Too little too late ::: the letters have been read and the damage done.  The worst part ::: for James Arthur Ray anyway ::: is just how stupid and LAZY they make him look.

Almost 200 pages of old thank you emails and letters ::: many written well before the trial began ::: intermingled with a few bizarre (as in psycho scary) letters of support and proof of donations (some many years old), which have little or nothing to do with James Arthur Ray's character.

Let's not forget Bob Proctor's idiot bombshell of a letter blaming the victims for dying (shame on them for not leaving ::: after JAR told them to stay ::: and then succumbing to heat stroke) ::: while proclaiming NOTHING was James Arthur Ray's fault.

Unfortunately, once something gets published on the web (and been downloaded) there's no real way to make it go away.  So these letters are bound to continue causing problems and more complaints.  I can't help wondering if Bob Proctor still feels the way he said he did about his buddy James?  I also can't help wondering if what he wrote is going to come back and bite him in the you-know-what?

James Arthur Ray's Instantaneous Remorse ::: can it be trusted?

For almost two years James Arthur Ray has been telling everyone within earshot that he didn't do anything wrong ::: he's pure as the driven snow ::: and doesn't know why anyone died.  Fast forward one nasty court case and three counts of you're guilty James ::: and suddenly he develops a conscience. 

So now, just before sentencing ::: James suddenly does a 180 and tells a parole officer "he was responsible for the sweat lodge but that he is not a threat to society".  And because he spoke, the world is supposed to believe James is a changed man.

Friend James also told the PO "that he won't hold another sweat lodge ceremony or any other potentially dangerous activity, but he should be held responsible for his actions".  Since friend James has been doing everything in his power to avoid any and ALL responsibility for ANYTHING ::: I can't help wondering what "HE" feels would be a proper punishment?

Personally I don't see any change.  It will take a whole lot more than words for me to believe James Arthur Ray has taken responsibility for his actions.  Expressing remorse to a parole officer was cheap and way too easy.  Actually saying the words "I'm sorry" to his victims would have been a good first step.  Saying so NOW, simply to stay out of jail, is meaningless.

PS :::
In July of this year, I sent a letter to Ms Polk for the pre sentence hearing.  In it I outlined how badly James Arthur Ray treated me at one of his free 2007 events.  I wrote it in the hopes James Arthur Ray would get jail time and never again have the power to hurt anyone in the future.

I don't think James Arthur Ray gives a damn what I think, feel or believe.  That said if he actually took the time to refund people their money, write real letters of apology to everyone he's harmed, and acknowledge responsibility for his actions ::: I'd be much more inclined to believe he's trying to change.

I don't think I'll be getting a letter of apology anytime soon.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why did Tom Kelly's heart problem stop the show?

God I'm confused ::: then again I'm sort'a kind'a old and recovering from a stroke. That said ::: stopping James Arthur Ray's mitigation hearing doesn't make sense to me.  I'm probably just stupid.

According the rules of the Arizona Supreme Court ::: nonresident attorneys who want to to appear as counsel (pro hac vice) simply need to comply with Rule 38(a).

This basically means any out of state lawyer with the proper credentials and fees (Translation: ALL of James Arthur Ray's MTO folks) simply completes a pro hac vice form and sends it ::: along with the fees ::: to the State Bar of Arizona.  They don't need an Arizona Lawyer on their team ::: don't need nada beyond a client that is ::: all they need to do is show up for trial.

For the record, I'm sorry Mr Kelly took ill.  I've been in and out of the hospital a LOT over the years and know how scary it can be.  My heart goes out to Kelly and his entire family.  I hope he's feeling better soon.

BUT (there's always one of those isn't there?) it doesn't make ANY sense to me why Kelly ::: who's not even the lead lawyer on James Arthur Ray ::: would be so vital as to necessitate Darrow shutting the entire case down ::: to be rescheduled at a later date (yet again)?  I mean most NORMAL folk manage to survive the judicial system with one lawyer ::: friend James has 8.

Accidents and illness happens all the time ::: and life continues on.  One would think with six California lawyers and two Arizona Lawyers representing James Arthur Ray they could have managed to carry on without Kelly.  But then what do I know?

This entire thing has left me with a bad taste in my mouth.  Sure would be interesting to see how many airline tickets and hotel reservations James Arthur Ray's dream team actually made paid for???  Guess I'm suspicious because friend Ray's people were trying so hard to delay the process from get go.  I'm also curious as to how much lead time these good people gave the state ::: and how much money the state and their witnesses are now out of ::: for plane fair, lodging, missing work, etc. 

Question of the day?  When the state was informed of Kelly's illness?  Who pays the state's costs to schedule and reschedule things?  Who pays for the loss in work, etc. suffered by all the state's witnesses?

It's coming up on the two year anniversary of Spiritual Warrior 2009.  God willing this mess will have been resolved before that date.