Tuesday, August 9, 2011

James Arthur Ray: Idiot and Mindless Wonder

James Arthur Ray is a delusional moron who LOVES regaling people with grotesquely horrible and FALSE stories about torture, suffering and pain. All in the name of teaching some sort of sick life lesson.

The eagle has been honored in many traditions. It lives the longest of all birds, up to 70 years. At the age of 40 it must break off its old beak, pull out its talons, and pluck out all its old heavy feathers. While this is difficult and painful, it allows the.eagle to live 40 more productive years. Metaphor?
@JamesARay via TwitLonger

Metaphor??? Are you Kidding??? Don't even get me started :::

James, you REALLY need to learn to check your sources before you tweet so called facts buddy. I'm not just saying this because I think you're an ignorant uneducated ass (which by the way you are) ::: I'm saying it because these tweets of yours are becoming more and more embarrassing painfully to read.  Oh and by the way your math is off by about 10 years ::: 40 plus 40 = 80 ::: NOT 70.

The story you are quoting from was a HOAX!  It's all bullshit ::: got it?!  Today's inane tweet of yours is so phenomenally stupid it actually took my breath away.  Is it physically possible for anyone to be this dumb??  It's either that or you think all people are mindless morons who'll believe any lie you feed them. 

Perhaps the truth is a little of both ::: but after today's tweet I'm leaning towards the idea that James Arthur Ray is beyond hope and too stupid for words.

In a perfect world everyone could see through James Arthur Ray's baloney and we'd all be safe.  But James is preaching this crap of his as absolute TRUTH.  Sadly there are still a lot of misguided and trusting folks out there who still consider his word Gospel.

The really REALLY scary part ::: if James Arthur Ray actually believes his own bullshit ::: people need to know just how sick he really is ::: and how much damage he could be capable of causing.

Dearest Readers before you freak out at the thought of some poor eagle ripping himself to shreds to increase his life span ::: take a deep breath and relax.  There isn't even the tiniest bit of truth to ANYTHING in James Arthur Ray's tweet.
The facts about Eagles

While it's a nice notion (I love Eagles) ::: Eagles in the wild live only around 30 years NOT 70.

An Eagle's beak ::: his talons ::: and feathers ::: are composed of keratin.  This Keratin is a hard shell like substance similar in make up to the human nail ::: and grows continuously throughout an Eagle's life.

Actually ALL bird's beaks, talons and feathers are composed of keratin.  Ever hear of cuttlebone?  It isn't really bone, but the internal shell of the cuttlefish.  For centuries people have harvest it to be used as a supplement and exercise toy for birds.  If you've ever had a parakeet you know exactly what I'm talking about.  A parakeet keeps his beak short and manageable by rubbing against a cuttlebone.

Eagles do something similar ::: albeit on a MUCH bigger scale ::: rubbing their beaks against trees, rocks and other hard surfaces.  If they didn't their beaks wouldn't remain sharp, could crack and the Eagle could get horribly ill.

Eagles also keep their talons clean and short by constantly sharpening them as well.

If an Eagle tore all his feathers out he would quickly die.  Like ALL birds, Eagles lose and replace feathers through a process known as molting.  A process which takes almost half a year to complete.   Molting starts at the Eagle's head and continues downward ::: eventually replacing all feathers.

More American Bald Eagle Facts and Information

FYI - Nothing against Eagles (I love them) but Parrots are the longest living bird.  Some have had recorded life spans exceeding 80 years.

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  1. What an abysmally idiotic myth. I'm sure James doesn't give a rat's behind that it's not true. It certainly would behoove him to symbolically do as he describes, however. But we know his words are always meant for others - never meant to be applied to himself.