Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why I care what James Arthur Ray says and does

Today my husband asked me why I'm so obsessed with James Arthur Ray.

"I'm not obsessed!" I protested

"Yes you ARE!" He insisted

"Johnnie, why would you even think such a thing?" I asked, puzzled at his insistence.

"Because you are, Jeanne" Folding his arms across his chest. "and you god damned know it."

I had to think a moment on that one, then realized he was right.

"I mean it's not like James-the-Happy-Gourmet took you or me for a shit pile of money or charbroiled you or anything like that. All the guy did was call you a bunch of stupid ass names. Even I call you stupid ass names."

"It's not about me Johnnie, the posts, blogs, comments and twitters. It's never been about me."

"OK, then why do you give a flying fuck what that asshole did, does, or might do?"

"Because it could have been YOU Johnnie, it wasn't, but it could have been. And it could have been me."
Face of Compassion and Love

When dozens of people were sprawled out on the ground with injuries sustained while participating James Arthur Ray's sweat lodge, he did NOTHING. He left the state and flew to a paid event to make money. He didn't even bother to contact the families of the injured. Liz Neuman's family had to find out she was hospitalized via the news media.

When Kirby Brown, Liz Neuman and James Shore, died ~ he again did NOTHING. He didn't refund the injured their money, didn't pay their medical expenses, or refund Arizona the costs for all the ambulances, helicopters, and paramedics ... didn't visit ANYONE in the hospital, didn't offer a single apology.

Regardless of whether James Arthur Ray was legally required to pay back anyone (soon to be decided by various courts), IS BESIDES the point. It would have been, and is, the right thing to do.

What James Arthur Ray did was to set up a conference call between all the victims.

During this call, Barb, one of James Ray’s staff members said “of the two that had passed [Kirby Brown, James Shore] and they left their bodies during the ceremony and had so much fun they chose not to come back and that was their choice that they made.”

I wonder what bullshit explanation she came up with when Liz Neuman later died?

James Arthur Ray then basically shut down shop, begin shifting all corporate funds into his own pockets and lawyered up. Theft, Fraud, Deceit and more lies.

None if this had to happen, not one single thing. Had James Arthur Ray taken precautions, NO ONE would have been injured or killed. But things happened the way they happened, people were injured and killed.

The thing is, even then, after the worst happened ... had James Arthur Ray acted like a human being, offered even a modicum of support and comfort to ANY of his victims ... things could have been so different then they now are.

Had James Arthur Ray worked with the police FROM THE BEGINNING, told the truth, acknowledged responsibility for his actions, begged forgiveness and attempted to make amends ... I doubt if he would have been charged with manslaughter.

Very few people believe James Arthur Ray actually set out to kill anyone. Then again if one to judge James Arthur Ray simply by his actions, perhaps he secretly wanted these people to die. I believe it was undiluted hubris that compelled him to bankrupt, injure, lie to and steal from thousands. The same hubris which eventually lead to the death of 4 previously healthy people.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke

So yeah I guess I'm obsessed with James Arthur Ray. It could have been my husband, myself, a family member, or a friend.

So until James Arthur Ray accepts responsibility for ALL his actions, makes amends and begs forgiveness ... I'll continue to twitter, blog, post, comment and make as much noise as possible.

As long as James Arthur Ray continues to promote himself as a source of spiritual knowledge and a power for good ... while NOT offering solace or reparation to those he has wronged ... I'll keep on making my feelings about him very public.


I currently DO NOT believe James Arthur Ray is here to help anyone but HIMSELF!

His deeds and actions have shown James Arthur Ray is neither a noble nor caring and sincere spirit.

His so called video "gifts" offer little or no tangible "value". They are merely thinly veiled attempts to promote himself while also selling more JAR products and retreats.

There are only two REAL reasons he's unable to produce live events.

First, he shifted (STOLE) all corporate funds (FRAUD) to pay for his lawyers, then HE shut down his own business.

Second, I don't believe he really wants to produce any more live events. Because he would be forced to interact with people, not recite from a memorized script. In the past six months James has shown he doesn't have the courage to face people and speak the unscripted unrehearsed truth.

If James Arthur Ray spent half as much time taking personal responsibility, begging forgiveness, and making amends to those harmed by his hubris ~ as he has trying to impress ~ he might actually help some people heal, while saving his own soul.

The glory days are over and the universe is NOT at his command. A higher power has come into play and it's time for Mr Ray to get real and face the truth about himself and the consequences of his actions.

August 31st is just around the corner. I for one, cannot wait to see the outcome.

God Speed James, I hope you finally get your shit together and do the right thing. It's never too late to change.

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