Sunday, May 8, 2011

Karma Chameleon

When you look at this photo what do you see? What type of person do you suppose this man is? Is he warm and inviting ::: a good friend ::: an honorable person ::: a loving son?

Do you see a tortured soul ::: a wounded heart ::: a hidden darkness ::: evil? Of course not ::: no one can ::: and that's the problem. James Arthur Ray is a chameleon.
I first saw this photo of James Arthur Ray well after having met him in 2007. The man I met bore little or no resemblance to the person in the photo. The man I met was a monster. A monster I might never have met had I not heard about him on Oprah.
If you heard it on Oprah

The Secret is OutHave you ever wanted to believe something so very very much that it ached? Have you ever dreamed your life could be different ::: that you could be more? That was his hook ::: James Arthur Ray ::: he promised to help you breathe life into ALL of your dreams.

I can't believe I was so STUPID I believed in Oprah
I can't believe I was so STUPID I believed in the Secret
I can't believe I was so STUPID I believed in James Arthur Ray

I wonder how many people on this planet [besides myself] fell down the James Arthur Ray rabbit hole?  Judging from the fallout ::: a LOT.  Thousands of people bilked out of millions of dollars, scores of people injured and maimed, and four people dead [that we know of].

Fast forward four years and four deaths later ::: and the James Arthur Ray chameleon has morphed once again. Technically speaking the man's still under arrest ::: although he doesn't act that way.  Then again James Arthur Ray's delightful hubris has always been part of his charm.  I mean who doesn't love a man who loves pretending to be God?

Isn't it funny how many people confuse the term "out on bail" with "I'm free do do what I want"?  His insufferable bravado is mostly gone ::: at least in public ::: replaced by countless inane and meaningless Twitter tweets. The endless "Free" public seminars have ended ::: only to be replaced by strange YouTube Videos and a subscription based live web radio program "Living in the Flow" which I believe has also ended.  (Wonder if his subscribers are still being charged?)


James Arthur Ray
Morph to the Angry Prisoner


        James Arthur Ray
        Morph to the Innocent Man
        fighting to avoiding a trial

James Arthur Ray
Morph to the misunderstood man forced to endure a trial

Portrait of a Chameleon
 Who's the REAL James Arthur Ray

I can't help but wonder who James Arthur Ray really is ::: and what he'll eventually become.  The trial is in session.  If things keep going they way they have ::: it's going to be a long trial ::: and an equally long time before we see James Arthur Ray's next chameleon shift.

While doing some background work into James Arthur Ray I located information on his father, Dr. Gordon A. Ray.  From what I've been able to discover, Mr Ray senior is both a highly educated and accomplished man.  James Arthur Ray seems to have earned his much hyped education and highly exaggerated credentials via osmosis.  His father garnered his accolades the old fashioned way ::: by actually earning them.  

Here's a link to a video of Mr Ray senior giving a talk.  I think you might enjoy some of the similarities between Father and Son.  If you're interested you might click on the link leading to his Dad's website.  Take a look at the stuff he's selling ::: a lot of the same stuff James Arthur Ray sells.  I wonder who started first?

In closing I dedicate Karma Chameleon to our own favorite Chameleon ~ James Arthur Ray.
Boy George and The Culture Club


  1. Describing Gordon as highly-educated may be overstating it. His alma mater - from which he claims both Masters and Doctoral degrees - is not an accredited institution.

    Here is a quote from their website
    "All of Emerson's courses of study and programs have New Thought as a foundation incorporating universal spiritual principles as found in world religions and teachings. These are not academic degrees, however. Students desiring academic degrees (such as Ph.D., M.A., B.S., etc.) should enroll in private or state colleges offering such degrees."

    I read that as - if you want a REAL degree, you have to go somewhere else.

  2. Thanks for the info ... I stand corrected ::: guess Mr Ray senior isn't as educated as I had thought. That said, compared to his son ... hummm