Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who is this guy?

Does anybody really know James Arthur Ray?  Who do you think he is?  It's time for you to sound off on your take on James Arthur Ray's 411.
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  1. Perhaps he has money in offshore accounts? Or maybe the producers of The Secret are contributing to his defense fund? Or perhaps there are some well-heeled followers who still believe in him and are funding his defense? These are just a few of the possibilities, but it's likely we'll never really know where he got the bucks for his huge defense team.

  2. I would agree with Sharon. I feel it is money he saved for just this type of thing, well-heeled followers and I also think the defense team gives him a break here and there.

    They knew this would be high profile case and see future earnings skyrocket because of that fact.

  3. JAR never paid back his "clients" for prepaid events and he's holding hundreds of thousands in prepaid event money..he's used other people's money to finance his defense. He has a "no fefund policy", and collects money years in advance for limited seating events-- all part of the fraud.. And Truc Do is the former Prosecutor who successfully got the guilty verdict for Phil Spector when she was a Prosecutor. Go look up their profiles, they ARE HIGH profile....I'm pretty sure that they don't need advertising.... :/