Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Tweets from a Bird on a Ledge

I've been too busy dealing with my life (didn't know I had one did ya!) to post my regular James Arthur Ray "read of the day".  Amazing as this must sound to some of my detractors ::: I actually do more than sit on my fat ass bitching and moaning (translation: blogging) about James Arthur Ray.

The point of today's Blog

Seems Friend James is at a wedding today.  His tweets are sounding all cutesy ::: giddy ::: snugly ::: warm and happy (too much champagne ???).  They're not at all like the dark and weird posts he's been pumping out as of late. 

@JamesARay Tweet Post #1
Today I have the honor of standing up in the wedding of two very good friends. Congratulations JT and ST!

@JamesARay Tweet Post #2
True love is not about eye gazing and butterflies; true love is about commitment to a common purpose and moving in the same direction

@JamesARay Tweet Post #3
A relationship that grows together stays together

@JamesARay Tweet Post #4
You can measure the quality of your life by the quality of your relationships

Oh boy ::: that last TWEET set off sirens in my head.

Check the sound on your speakers before playing this.

James Arthur Ray presenting himself as an expert on relationships ::: YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING?!!! Wonder if James Arthur Ray's x-wife agrees with his self assessment? 

Up until JAR's last Tweet Post ::: I was thinking I would just leave it alone today.  I mean who doesn't love a good wedding?  But as the posts kept coming in ::: I started thinking about LC ::: an other of James Arthur Ray's "very good friends" who's wedding he attended.

FYI ::: I'm not posting LC's name out of respect for the man's privacy ::: he's suffered enough throughout this entire ordeal.  Those of us who have followed the trial know his name ::: those who haven't ::: don't really need to know it ::: nuff said.

During the Spiritual Warrior 2009 Sweat Lodge ::: LC fell into the heated rocks.  The sound of his screams were reported by people both inside and outside of the sweat.  James Arthur Ray ::: LC's good friend ::: heard nothing ::: DID NOTHING.  LC eventually suffered a heat stroke.  Wanting to "Play Full On" LC returned to the sweat lodge with his hand wrapped up in a towel ::: and eventually passed out.  The effects of the heat on his body and hand was so severe he required hospitalization. 

Wonder why friend James didn't stop LC from re-entering the sweat lodge with a severely burned hand ::: covered only in a towel?  Oh yeah I forgot ::: friend James DIDN'T KNOW LC had been hurt.  Yeah right.  What a crock of horse pituty!  LC's buddy and good friend James Arthur Ray ::: never asked LC about his health ::: or the condition of his hand ::: not once ::: not ever ::: never.   Not when he screamed ::: not even when he passed out. 

James Arthur Ray didn't stop the sweat lodge to help his friend LC who was screaming in agony while in the rocks.  Didn't check on his friend to see if he was getting proper medical attention (he wasn't BIG SURPRISE).  Didn't visit his friend (or the 17 other victims transported for care) in the hospital ::: didn't send ANYONE to check on LC or ANYONE.  Didn't write ::: Didn't call ::: Didn't do zip.

During LC's testimony ::: good friend James Arthur Ray sat motionless and allowed Louis Li to treat LC like dirt.  Same old Same Old James Arthur Ray ::: not exactly someone you'd want as a friend ::: but then what do I know.

Then there's James Shore ::: who won't be going to any weddings again EVER ::: and Liz Neuman (Dream Team member and James Arthur Ray friend) who won't see her children's weddings ::: Kirby Brown, who will never have children.

IMHO James Arthur Ray really is a shit, and a rotten friend.  I hope the folks who's wedding he attended today have a long and happy marriage.  God willing they'll never have to put James Arthur Ray's friendship to the test.

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