Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sentencing Ends with a Wimper not a Bang

James Arthur Ray The Hollow Man

The Jury said Guilty: This is the way James Arthur Ray's privileged world ends
James Arthur Ray cried: This is the way James Arthur Ray's privileged world ends
The Judge gave him 2 years: This is the way James Arthur Ray's privileged world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

with apologies to T.S. Eliot's "The Hollow Men"

2007 ~ Free Seminar at Anaheim Marriott (FREE MY ASS)
The day I met James Arthur Ray is forever etched upon my brain.  The ugly words he hurled at me ::: still haunt me to this day.  The nearly instantaneous NEED I felt to ::: RUN ::: (I'm disabled and couldn't move fast or far without my walker) ::: CRY ::: (my self worth eroded to a tiny nub) ::: DIE ::: (had my husband not been with me ... I'd have surely tried) to hurl myself from the highest portion of the parking structure.

October 2009 ~ Spiritual Warrior Deaths
The stunning revelation ::: my husband and I had both wanted to take part ::: but we hadn't the cash ::: but for the grace of God ::: we might have been there ::: and died?  Too many people injured ::: too many people died.  James Arthur Ray did nothing ::: lied ::: ran ::: took millions from JRI and lawyered up.

For two years ::: the world, his fans, victims and family ::: have waited.
For two years ::: the world, his fans, victims and family ::: have watched.
For two years ::: the world, his fans, victims and family ::: have listened.
For two years ::: not a word of sorrow, not a single tear, no apology, no remorse.

For two years ::: excuses, lies, half truths and insults ::: heaped upon the victims (both living and dead) all to save James Arthur Ray's reputation.

The floodgates opened during James Arthur Ray's Presentencing Hearing.
Tears when friends spoke of their love and adoration.
Tears when his contemporaries spoke of James Arthur Ray's inherent goodness.
Tears when John Ray spoke of the vastness of the love he has for his brother James.
Tears when his Mother lovingly spoke of the pureness and goodness of James Arthur Ray's soul.

He ::: James Arthur Ray ::: sat unmoved, silent, unable to face (COWARD) the victim's families as they spoke directly to him.  Shedding not a single tear, sigh, or ANY indication (other than red ears) he felt anything OTHER than extreme discomfort, at being forced to listen.

Tears when begging for forgiveness and probation. Ironically facing the victims family now, as he begged.  I watched with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

When he was done begging, red faced, his face shimmering with tears ::: James Arthur Ray turned and walked back to his seat.  In that instant ::: there was a glimmer of something sickening in his eyes ::: a half smile smirk.  Emotions difficult for me ::: difficult for others ::: watching and commenting on twitter who saw the look ::: and were sickened by it as well.

So many questions ::: why did a crimson faced Darrow rule the way he did ::: copious disjointed explanations NOT withstanding?  How can a judge ::: however politely he worded it ::: lay part of the blame for their deaths ::: upon the victims?

Probation Officer's Pre Sentence Report

Who speaks for the victims?
Who answers for the victims deaths?
Who gives solace to the families?

The truth about James Arthur Ray is out there ::: and will eventually make the light of day.  God willing people will see him for what he really is and has been ::: and no one will be hurt by him ever again.

Kirby Brown ::: you will ALWAYS be remembered.

Liz Neuman ::: you will ALWAYS be remembered.

James Shore ::: you will ALWAYS be remembered.

Colleen Conaway ::: you will NEVER be forgotten.
Link to Colleen Conaway's Wrongful Death paperwork

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