Saturday, April 16, 2011

In dreams they take flight ...

Dedicated to Kirby Brown, James Shore and Liz Neuman

Music has always calmed my heart and soothed my spirit. During the worst of times ::: and the best ::: music has kept me sane.

In 2008 ::: tough year ::: I started work on my first full symphony. My Father-in-law Mel had been going in and out of congestive heart failure ::: and my Brother-in-law Tom had terminal cancer. My husband Johnnie and I cared for them both. Like I said, it was a tough year.

Between medications, blood pressure checks, bed pans, etc., I played my keyboard. Mostly I played for Mel ::: when he was stressed or couldn't sleep. When I felt overwhelmed or sad ::: I played for myself.

Mel died on September 20, 2008 ::: at which point Tom moved in. I kept at work on my symphony until Tom's death [melanoma] on April 7, 2009.

When I read about the deaths of Kirby Brown, James Shore and Liz Neuman during Spiritual Warrior I stopped playing any music. In 2010 my husband Johnnie was diagnosed with melanoma and I suffered a mini stroke. All thoughts of resuming work on my first symphony ended then.

This week I've been reading Tom McFeeley's posts about his cousin Kirby Brown. The picture he paints ::: of a woman so vibrantly alive and full of love ::: touched something within.

For the first time in almost two years I fired up my keyboard. For the first time in almost two years I started composing music again.

I may never be able to fully express why Kirby Brown, James Shore and Liz Neuman have touched me as deeply as they have. Now that my brain and fingers are working together again ::: I'll let my music speak for me.

Three Souls Passing
Dedicated to Kirby, James and Liz

My heart goes out to the families who's loved ones were taken away. Blessings to you all.

Jeanne Barkemeijer de Wit
AKA the artist known as Jeannika

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