Monday, April 25, 2011

Just another Manic [James Ray] Monday ...

Sometimes I wonder if James Arthur Ray ever thinks about what he's posting ... let alone WHY he posts the stuff he does. I mean sometimes his tweets reads like they're written in some sort of code.

The Devil and

definitions posted below come from Merriam

Since there's no trial on today ::: and I'm a little bored ::: I thought I'd take a deeper look at two of the inane tweets James Arthur Ray left on Twitter today.

Release from any life challenge or problem lies through it, not away from it. The only way to get beyond it is to go through it.
@JamesARay April 25, 2011 3pm PST

Listen again
The word release can mean a number of things ...

Definition of RELEASE -
transitive verb

1: to set free from restraint, confinement, or servitude <release hostages> <release pent-up emotions> <release the brakes>; also : to let go : dismiss <released from her job>

2: to relieve from something that confines, burdens, or oppresses released from her promise>

3: to give up in favor of another : relinquish <release a claim to property>

4: to give permission for publication, performance, exhibition, or sale of; also : to make available to the public released its findings> <release a new movie>

It appears that our friend Mr Ray is talking about getting away from or letting go of one's problems, which he also defines as a "life Challenge". The problem (pun intended) is, there's a bit of a difference between problems and challenges.

I know you think you understand what you thought you heard me say but you misunderstood.

Yeah, I know that the word challenge is a synonym for problem ... and one could argue that I'm splitting hairs over syntax. (another word Mr Ray redefined for his own personal use)

However, Mr Ray constantly substitutes words we would normally use with words having similar ::: but not quite the same ::: meanings ::: often mixing things up so much that the true meaning is lost. A process also known as Reframing (A Neuro-linguistic programming method) not to be confused with Word Salad a symptom of mental illness.

In this Tweet Mr Ray says two different things ... in the same paragraph ... wanting us to believe they make one cohesive and comprehensive statement. Which they do not.

TALK ABOUT CONFUSING THE ISSUE. First he says that the solution to problems lies through it, not away from it ::: which is really confusing.

The problem is you don't know what he means by "through it". Does he mean the experience of going through a problem, or that the problem somehow supplies it's own solution to the problem? Neither of which make a whole lot of sense when taken in context with the rest of his post.

Also you have to wonder what he means by "not away from it". What does "it" mean? Does he mean you need to face your problems ::: because he's sure not big on facing his. But then what do I know.

Going on to the last sentence of his statement. Would Mr Ray have us believe that the only way to get beyond a problem is to go through it? (Again ::: what does "it" mean) An ambiguous statement if ever there was one. How does one "get beyond" or "go through" a problem? [shaking head and blinking eyes in confusion]

Generally speaking, problems aren't things we get beyond or go through. Problems are usually situations ::: sometimes difficult or life threatening ::: which need to be faced, looked into the eye and dealt with as they arise.

Mr Rays last post, makes perfect sense. Too bad he never takes his own advice.

Only when you are accountable for everything in your life can you be responsible to change or control your life - The Science of Success...
@JamesARay April 25, 2011 4:30pm PST

James Ray: So who do we have on the line, I apologize I don’t have the name…but I know you are holding?

Dan Harris: Hi James. My name is Dan Harris, I am from ABC News. And my question is, If the Law of Attraction really works — and you know how to use it, why have so many bad things happened to you and your followers?

James Ray: Well, you know Dan, um, Mickey, I think we need to flush Dan right, right on down the stream, because, um, that’s — that’s not something that we are going to talk to here. And if you had been following along, you would recognize that part of going down the stream is getting in the rapids.

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