Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Sky is falling the Sky is falling

Today I opened a couple emails saying it looked as if the James Arthur Ray manslaughter case may be declared a mistrial. I was stunned and asked why.

[one of the answers] I heard it on "In Session" ::: so it must be true.

[Gawd I miss Walter Cronkite]

Sometimes people forget that CNN, In Session and news commentators aren't running the trial. Just because some talking head says they believe the trial will be declared a mistrial ::: with prejudice no less ::: doesn't mean it's true.

James Arthur Ray's defense has filed enough objections, motions, arguments, replies, etc., etc., etc., to plug up all the toilets in Yavapai County. If you think I'm exaggerating just point your browser to the Yavapai County Superior Court's High Profile Case page.

James Arthur Ray's stuff is located under the following heading:
State of Arizona vs James Arthur Ray
Case Number: V1300CR201080049

I haven't bothered to count them all, or sort out which belong to the state or the defense ::: but trust me ::: it's a lot of reading. I know, because I've read them all. (Not all in one sitting)

The way things stand, James Arthur Ray and his dream team of Defense Attorneys know that the state has proven their Negligent Homicide case against Mr Ray. Which means defense is now forced to do anything in their power to kill the trial.

Frankly ::: the way things have been going ::: I'm surprised the dream team took this long to file this mistrial motion.

Mark my words ::: this motion will be denied ::: just like the last one. Unfortunately there will be many more motions for mistrial before the trial finally ends and goes to jury. What other option does defense have? Other than having James Arthur Ray feign a psychotic break and changing to an insanity defense ... they have none.

Smoke, mirrors, noise, accusations, hyperbole, indignation, half truths, innuendo exaggerations and lies ::: part and parcel of a good [well paid] defense team at work. [Translation: How much justice can YOU afford] In James Arthur Ray's case, obviously a LOT.

Question: how can a man who's as broke as James Arthur Ray claims to be, afford to pay for an amazingly good [well paid] dream team of multiple attorneys? If you remember, after the deaths of James Shore, Kirby Brown, and Liz Neuman, James Arthur Ray transferred all cash from his corporate accounts into his own and lawyered up ::: big time.

James Arthur Ray
such a nice young man ::: so honest ::: so trustworthy ::: so good

Judging from the number of civil lawsuits now pending nationwide ::: James Arthur Ray embezzled / stole enough cash to pay for MUCHO GUSTO justice. A simple fact his good [well paid] defense team seems all too willing to overlook. Obviously money talks, but that's an other blog.

Defense knows:
Stalling for time is good
It puts extra strain (financial and otherwise) on Jurors wanting and needing to get back to taking care of their lives. Loose enough jurors - get a mistrial and everything starts over again.

Clouding facts and confusing the issues is good
All the defense has to do is plant doubt ::: any doubt ::: in a juror's mind.
Confuse enough enough jurors and James Arthur Ray wins.

There are a lot of reasons for requesting a mistrial now.

The testimony has been, and keeps getting, more and more damning
(a) No medical support during sweat lodge
(b) People were told to ignore their physical symptoms
(c) People were told not to eat OR DRINK for 36 hours prior to the sweat
(d) James Arthur Ray didn't stop the event when people started getting ill
(e) James Arthur Ray didn't offer comfort or asistance to anyone

I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. Things are looking bad for Mr James, so it's in his best interests to stop the trial ASAP.

James Arthur Ray's defense team doesn't want the Hamiltons to testify.
Because if they do the jury will learn that the lodge was built to James Arthur Ray's specifications - AT HIS PERSONAL REQUEST.

James Arthur Ray's defense team doesn't want Rick Ross to testify.
Because if he does the jury will learn how easy it was for James Arthur Ray to control and manipulate people into doing whatever he asked.

I find it somewhat ironic ::: in a bizarre sort of way ::: that James Arthur Ray's emergency hearing takes place on the 13th. I wonder if it will be lucky for him?

Lastly, by what stretch of the imagination does James Arthur Ray's Dream Team think the information listed in Richard Haddow's report exonerates Mr Ray? If possible ::: it actually makes his actions look worse!

But then what do I know, I'm just a fat slob looser (Mr Ray's words) with a blog.

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you for this! Perfect and so well written. Excellent-kudos-bravo.