Friday, August 12, 2011

This Sleeping Dog Should Lie in Prison

James Arthur Ray
Let it not be said of you that "the signs were
apparent all around, yet he was found sleeping"

                                @JamesARay [via Twitter] 08/12/11

while I realize that the First Amendment grants you the right to say what ever you wish.  I am astonished at your glaring lack of insight or feeling for those who have suffered while under your care.

You say you are an honorable and innocent man ::: yet ALL your actions have shown otherwise!

Had you acted like an honorable man ::: you would have stopped the sweat lodge to check on the sick.  Had you stopped the sweat lodge the sick may not have died.

You say you have studied with Native American Elders, Indigenous Shamans and other teachers.  We all know that you lied.  No TRUE Native American Elder would have assisted with or allowed the type of sweat lodges you held. 

You are a insecure, greedy bastard, who obviously cares more for possessions and wealth than people.  Instead of paying for a proper medical team and equipment to safeguard Spiritual Warrior participants ::: YOU KEPT THE MONEY.

When the police questioned you ::: you lied ::: then refused to comment further ::: after which you left the state.

You encouraged your people to help during Angel Valley's Closing Ceremony ::: giving each participant a match to use to burn the lodge down.  In a telephonic conference you praised all who attended.  Months later ::: during the trial ::: you claim Yavapai County purposely destroyed evidence ::: even though they spent well over 48 hours doing NOTHING BUT bag evidence from Angel Valley.

Now ::: AFTER EVERYTHING ::: You refuse to go to jail ::: despite a mountain evidence (much of which the JURY NEVER got to see or hear) ::: despite these facts and MORE ::: You have been found guilty buy a jury.  Rather than do the honorable thing ::: you keep running from the fate YOUR actions and your words created.

Keep filing motions ::: keep spreading more lies ::: keep tweeting your morbid and insipid tweets.  The world knows who you are James.  Everything you say and do, only serves to reinforce the image of an insecure ::: greedy ::: uneducated ::: frightened bully of a man.

Know this Truth James

While you may not realize it at the moment ::: everything you have done which has caused harm to others ::: is now happening to you.  All you have stolen will be lost.  All you have gained by fraud ::: is no more.  Your honor ::: success ::: your dignity ::: your independence ::: was just an illusion.  The truth has removed your false mask, replacing it with your true face ::: evil ::: hubris ::: dishonor ::: greed ::: avarice ::: disgrace ::: and debt. 

While you may be able to use legal tricks to avoid true justice.  The voices of the dead will haunt you until you make amends and FULL justice has been served.

When Spiritual Warrior Participants
told James Arthur Ray :::

they needed to urinate :::

and told them to urinate where they sat.

Liz Neuman needed help :::

He DID NOT STOP to check on his friend
He added MORE Red Hot Rocks and
Dumped GALLONS of WATER on the Rocks

people were unconscious :::
He DID NOT STOP to check on ANYONE
He added MORE Red Hot Rocks and
Dumped GALLONS of WATER on the Rocks

people weren't breathing :::
He DID NOT STOP to check on ANYONE
He added MORE Red Hot Rocks and
Dumped GALLONS of WATER on the Rocks

When Spiritual Warrior Participants tried to exit
the sweat lodge, James Arthur Ray :::

coaxed them into staying :::
closed the door and told them it was too late :::
He added MORE Red Hot Rocks and
Dumped GALLONS of WATER on the Rocks

When Spiritual Warrior Participants opened the tarp
to get some COOL FRESH AIR ::: James Arthur Ray
He DID NOT STOP to check on ANYONE
He added MORE Red Hot Rocks and
Dumped GALLONS of WATER on the Rocks

::: When the Sweat Lodge Ended :::
James Arthur Ray was the first one to leave

People inside were Unconscious
People inside were Dying
One Person was already DEAD


James Arthur Ray Exited the lodge
Hosed Down ::: Sat Down ::: Did NOTHING

Many people ::: HIS FOLLOWERS ::: were unconscious, some weren't breathing, one was already dead, most were in bad Shape.

He DID NOT CALL 911 with his Satellite Phone
He DID NOT help with CPR

He left the area to shower, eat and ???

For all intensive purposes James Arthur Ray might as well have been sleeping!


  1. All this revengeful shit because he called you fat??

  2. Dearest Anonymous :::
    You obviously DON'T understand me OR my reasons for blogging the TRUTH about James Arthur Ray.

    What I'm posting has little to do with anything James Arthur Ray said to me ::: and EVERYTHING to do with how he's abused his God given talents to cause harm to countless people.

    I'm not blogging out of a need for revenge. Like many other people, I'm only writing facts. If these facts sound vengful, you obviously missed the intention of my post.

    If you have an other opinion to state ::: I'll be happy to include it within my post. If you have other facts I may have missed I'd be happy to read them as well.

    If you are sincere about sharing what you believe with the world ::: have the guts to post using your name ::: I do.

    Jeanne Barkemeijer de Wit

  3. The blind are still leading the blind and calling themselves sighted. It is inconceivable to me that James could have done all he did -and all he *didn't* do- and still not have woken up to the fact that he is a complete sham of a person.However, James, make no mistake - God is not mocked.

  4. Anyone who even Remotely Backs this MISERABLE EXCUSE of a Human Being does so because they have Severe and Deep issues of their own that need close examination. The very Essence of JAR's Deeper "Character" and Lack thereof comes screaming off of the Screen in his MUGSHOT above -- backed up in Spades by his Subtle Behavior Mannerisms which he exhibited on a Daily basis during his trial -- not to mention his Cowardly & Anti-Heroic Conduct Before, During, and After the Sweat Lodge Tragedy. Gee -- No "Pattern" Here.

    I guess it's easier to follow and support this Horrible Piece of Work than it is to take a Cold, Long Hard look at one's self. After all -- "Self-Distraction" is a Great Tonic for the Mentally ill. Just ask those Girls who write Scott Peterson and the Menendez Brothers all of those Love Letters on a Constant Basis, as well as those who Defend Their Heinous Conduct to the Hilt. Those Zealotrious Nut-Jobs will Always be Mandatory to the Fringe in Matters such as these. Without them, The Universe would very likely implode.

  5. This was an EXCELLENT posting, Jeannika, and you told it in Black-n-White TRUTH, which so many people cannot face. I see James as one of those guys who will get tons of letters and visitors in Prison.

    About the way he acts in Court, well, he is a Narcissistic Sociopath to the tee. All these last minute-motions show he's afraid....I hope he is realizing that this is *not* a game where he just walks out's a sentence for taking 3 Lives. You did it, James....Own It.

  6. Eloquent - Powerful - Insightful -Truthful. You pen words which speaks hearts.

    Can we only laugh, shake our heads and/or pity-the-fool who takes the time to read your post and can only say "revengful shit". Even your response shows grace, poise and balance.

    JAR actions speak volumes...and volumes...and volumes... deafening any of his tweets...and those who follow his tweets and not his actions.. have chosen to live in Blindness.

    In gratitude for your gratitude project - Rosie K.

  7. Thanks for your right on target, honest comments...if someone doesn't like what you say they can always hit the delete button. They don't need to stay here and argue with you. It's obvious you feel compassion and hurt for those who have suffered at his hand. I think you will see you have many, many supporters. We are all waiting for him to say he's sorry. But it's easier for him to blame it on everyone and everything else when just those two words "I'm sorry" and follow up to show he meant it would have made all the difference in the world. We are getting sick of seeing him get off again and again and again. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. It helps those who are suffering.