Sunday, August 7, 2011

When Less is More ::: and More is Just TOO Much

Evolution is pushing us forward to move from a competitive warlike society to a collaborative peaceful society. Transition is always uncomfortable and there's much polarization during this time.
~James Arthur Ray 08/07/2011

Don't you just love it when James Arthur Ray lets loose with unsubstantiated and MEANINGLESS drivel?  I sure do.

What I'm most moved by is how James Arthur Ray ::: CON ARTIST ::: LIAR ::: THIEF ::: FRAUD ::: a man living a life devoid of any sort of positive growth (spiritual or other wise) ::: enjoys waxing pedantic on the current state of mankind.  Simply put ::: I'm blown away by the hubris of the man.

James Arthur Ray ::: SOCIOPATH ::: COWARD ::: BULLY ::: incapable of appolgizing for his missdeeds ::: let alone acknowledging responsibility or showing an iota remorse for his actions ::: setting himself up as some sort of defacto expert on the spritual transformation of all mankind.  What a bunch of horse manure!

James Arthur Ray is living proof why we live in a competative warlike society ::: NOT a collaborative peaceful one.

As long as people like James Arthur Ray are allowed to ::: CON ::: LIE ::: STEAL ::: MAME ::: TORTURE ::: INSULT ::: BULLY ::: KILL ::: mankind will have difficulty progressing beyond the chaos, pain and heartache left by these actions.

Do the Right Thing

James Arthur Ray ::: if there is ANYTHING of the DEVINE residing within your soul ::: YOU NEED TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS.

                          the families of those who died while under your care
                          the thousands from whom you have stolen
                          the friends you abandoned
                               BECAUSE OF YOUR ACTIONS
3.  Talk is cheap.  Learn to be still and ONLY speak when you have something REAL to say. 
4.  Stop pretending to know or be more than you really are.  The world has heard WAY TOO MUCH about who YOU say you are ::: Your actions and deeds have proven otherwise.  So please give the fake lectures and inane tweets a rest already.

Lastly ::: there are a lot of people who want to believe in you ::: to see you succeed in a GOOD way.  Be a man ::: go to jail ::: and try to make something better out of yourself.  You created this situation ::: accept the results of YOUR actions and MOVE ON ::: hopefully to a better more honest life.

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