Wednesday, August 24, 2011

James Arthur Ray Mis-Quotes on Life, Death and Rebirth

Set in motion the things to be done by visualizing them as finished.
--James Arthur Ray

Keep on Visualizing James ::: it might make the years in Jail go that must faster.

The creative cycle begins shortly after the destructive cycle ends.
--James Arthur Ray

So far all we've gotten to see is your DESTRUCTIVE cycle James ::: and we all know how that turned out.  Question: When is your creative cycle going to begin?? 

What's that ::: your DEFENSE was part your creative cycle?  Not creative enough I guess ::: Oh well.  But then your defense is still a work in progress ::: isn't it.

"The descent into matter must be complete before the ascent to spirit can commence." --Dion Fortune
--James Arthur Ray

My husband Johnnie to me:  "Did that asshole Ray, just post a Tweet about dying?"
My answer:  "Yeppers, Johnnie ::: he certainly did."
Johnnie's response:  "That's fucking sick."

Each time I think my opinion of James Arthur Ray can't fall any further ::: an other of his tasty wisdom morsels pop up on Twitter.

JAR states he's quoting Dion Fortune ::: AKA Violet Mary Firth Evans ::: a 20th Century British Occultist and prolific author.  Not that it really matters, he should have attributed this quote to Jane Gifford an other Brit.

What's so phenomenally stunning about this particular quote is the fact it's describing the process of dying ::: while this discussion eventually goes on to speak about rebirth of spirit ::: the fact remains the body is dead.

James ::: 3 people are dead due to your actions ::: 4 if you count Colleen Conaway ::: and you tweet about death?  Have you no sensitivity or feeling?  Excuse my rhetorical question James ::: I guess already know the answer.  Your words and actions speak volumes.

Hey James I have a Dion Fortune quote for YOU.

"Never trust the occultist who tells you that he is the head of a tradition, because if he were, in the first place, he would not tell the fact to the uninitiated, and in the second place he would in all probability be living in great seclusion and inaccessible to all but his immediate subordinates. 
Dion Fortune (Esoteric Orders and Their Work and The Training and Work of the Initiate)

A true leader and great man ::: wouldn't be posting a bunch of nonsense on Twitter and Facebook ::: let alone be facing jail time for negligent homicide times three.

James ::: if you'd taken responsibility ::: even ONCE ::: I doubt most of this contentious stuff would have happened.  More importantly ::: no one would have died or gotten sick.  But they did ::: and even after ALL this time ::: you have yet to apologize to ANYONE.  More than anything else ::: it was your attitude which brought you down ::: and CONTINUES to hold you down now.

It must be horrible knowing how great you could have been ::: had you chosen an other path.  Now all you have left is the facade of fame and even that's fading fast.  Too many broken promises ::: too many outright lies ::: too many people injured ::: your actions were bound to catch up with you.


  1. He wanted to be famous but now all he is
    is infamous and that is what he will remain.

  2. Dear Jeannika,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts on the James Ray trial. You do great research! I do want to call to your attention something I saw in an earlier post (which I have navigated so far away from now that I don't know where I was!). It's an easy mistake to make by looking at court paperwork but on the ground, as I am, things become more clear: Attorney Dan C. Barr does NOT represent James Ray and is NOT one of JAR's "Arizona attorneys.

    Dan Barr represents media interests. He is the premier lawyer in Arizona to perform such media chores as arguing for cameras in the courtroom or opening closed hearings. Dan is not a criminal attorney and you would not turn to him if you got arrested. But a newspaper or TV station or visiting network would hire him to make sure they had access to your trial documents and could get a camera in the back row of the gallery while you were on the stand.

    This is the only reason Dan's name appears as an attorney of record in the James Ray trial. He is associated with the media names on that list, not with JAR. You can see a quotation from Dan in regards to that trial on my own site--

    FYI, I am an Emmy winning investigative reporter who writes true crime books. I have been attending the James Ray trial and was in the courtroom when he was convicted. I have also known Dan Barr for many years. Hope this helps! I've enjoyed perusing your posts and thank you for an opportunity to give my 2 cents. ;)