Thursday, August 11, 2011

True Inner Darkness: James Arthur Ray's Gift to the World

Many of James Arthur Ray's tweets speak of death, darkness, fear, pain and torture.  In most cases they seem to be offering some sort of warped allegory or life lesson relating to the human condition.  Generally Speaking his Tweets say way more about him ::: and his state of mind ::: than they do about the inner workings of mere mortals like ourselves. 

On the whole ::: IMHO ::: James Arthur Ray's tweets appear disjointed, ambiguous, grandiose, supercilious, and pretentious.  Today's post is no exception.

Stress and fear tend to bring out our true inner darkness. Some project it outward on others, some look inward. The inner path is the gift.
08/11/11 @JamesARay [Twitter]

Stress and fear are two very different states of being 

The term stress was created as a means of measuring how our bodies respond to all of life's events ::: both good and bad.  In it's broadest definition ::: stress is an intrinsic process ::: over which it is said we have little control.  Translation: everything we experience in life ::: good, bad or indifferent ::: causes our bodies and minds some sort of wear and tear.

Fear is an altogether different animal.  Fear is rooted in our brains ::: more specifically within the Amygdala.  How we physically react to fear is mediated via the Adrenal Cortex Hypothalamic Axis.  Feelings (conscious mind) trigger emotions (our unconscious mind) which in turn trigger (voluntary and involuntary behaviors ::: physiological and neurological changes) fear responses (fight flight).

Often the mere memory of a fearful situation is enough to trigger a full blown fear response.  The reason panic attacks can occur weeks ::: months ::: or years after the triggering episode.

In a normal healthy human being (translation: a well grounded person with good social skills, friends and support) stress and fear WILL NOT manifest as "true inner darkness".  A healthy person experiences fear ::: faces and deals with the cause ::: then goes on with their life. 

A sick person or sociopath (translation: fear reactive person with poor social skills, few friends and little support) will do anything to avoid fearful situations, including lashing out (projecting their fear outward), lying to avoid blame (if the fearful situation was caused by something they did), or running away (to avoid panic and blame).

I should note that being forced to endure chronic fearful and/or highly stressful situations (e.g. war, rape, sexual or psychological abuse, illness) can trigger PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  There are a wide varieties of treatments and medications available to treat PTSD.  NONE OF WHICH INVOLVE TAKING AN INNER PATH AND GOING IT ALONE.

Dark moments happen to us all ::: for many reasons.  A healthy person reaches out for support and guidance.  A Sociopath (trusting no one) turns within for ALL their answers.

It would seem the more James Arthur Ray writes ::: the clearer our definition of him becomes.

Note to the victims and past followers of James Arthur Ray.  It's highly likely you are suffering from PTSD and could use some sort of therapy to help sort out your emotions.  If you survived Spiritual Warrior 2009 ::: or any other of James Arthur Ray's retreats ::: I hope you have found someone to help you sort through things.

As someone who still struggles with survivor's guilt (the death of my family) ::: I know the importance of getting help.  Nothing that happened while following James Arthur Ray was your fault.  The fact you survived is a gift ::: to both you and your loved ones.  Lastly, those who died would have wanted you to live on ::: in the BEST sense of the word.

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