Saturday, August 6, 2011

Why is James Arthur Ray Giving Away Stuff he Used to Charge lots of $$$$ for?

It's no big Secret (pun intended) that I don't trust James Arthur Ray.  IMHO he's a lying snarky putz ::: who only loves two things ::: money and himself (not necessarily in that order).  Anyone who believes otherwise can feel free to send me evidence to the contrary.  If it's true and believable I'll gladly retract my statement.

Over the past week the tenor of his tweets have been changing.  Instead of exclusively tweeting inane metaphors (see index below) he's started trying to promote "Good Things".  The following is first of @JamesARay's "new kind of Tweet" which caught my eye.

"Hey guys! Check this out from Greenfoot Global... Increase gas mileage by 20% and decrease emissions by 75%! (cont)"

OK ::: since when has James "Pedal to the Metal" "I love fast expensive cars" Ray been interested in gas mileage???  I mean you should see the speeding tickets the guy's racked up over the years. 

But I digress ::: perhaps James Arthur Ray sincerely wants to help people learn how to protect Mother earth!  How cool is that?!  Maybe James Arthur Ray isn't as bad as I think.  Wow.

Pause for thoughtful reflection of JAR's words ::: tic tok tic tok tic tok tic tok tic tok tic tok tic tok :::

DING ::: Time's up ::: I don't think so :::
You just know it's some sort of con James Arthur Ray is using to get money.

Curious little bitch (doesn't everyone love dogs?) that I am ::: I pointed my browser to which took me to ::: TwitLonger ::: a whole bunch of adds, and a link to nowhere http://www.drivegreensavegreen.com

Guess JAR was so excited about saving Mother earth he sent the wrong link.  Poor guy ::: is this more proof he's he's he's actually trying to change?!  (The audience gasps) Could my previous assessment of his intentions have been ::: gulp ::: wrong?  (The audience boos loudly)

Enter @JamesARay Twit er, ah, ::: excuse me ::: TWEET number 2.

...oops! Wrong link, these guys are doing good work. Check it out

Interestingly morphed into  Which surprisingly (tongue planted firmly in cheek) turned out to be a MLM marketing page (didn't see THAT coming) listing absolutely NO information about the product they're touting.  They'll send you the good stuff ::: ONLY ::: if you send them your name address and other personal info.  Where have I seen and heard that before?  Hummm ::: let me think on that a bit.

You just know it's a really great product ::: when it's so special they'll only tell you about it if you send them your private information. 

I decided to amble over to Network Solutions and do a WhoIs search on the domain name  Turns out this domain was registered a week ago (Just before James Arthur Ray's new kind of tweets started) on July 31, 2011.  Oh oh oh ::: and it was registered ::: in Arizona ::: Ta Ta.  This is too much fun.

Domain ID:D39221865-LRMS
Created On:29-Jul-2011 16:38:12 UTC
Last Updated On:29-Jul-2011 16:38:12 UTC
Expiration Date:29-Jul-2012 16:38:12 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Wild West Domains (R213-LRMS)
Registrant ID:CR89258864
Registrant Name:Registration Private

Greenfoot Global - Enviro Tabs
How special ::: how James Arthur Ray ::: how PYRAMID SCAM NOT trustworthy!


Read ALL about GreenFoot Global ::: the greedy people marketing this bullshit wonderful product in this hysterically funny blog by Anthony Watts.  Climate Craziness of the Week – greentabs for gasoline

I guess James Arthur Ray thinks most people on the planet are a bunch of empty headed idiots who will believe and/or buy ANYTHING he tells them to.  The scary part of that statement is just how many people continue to trust ANYTHING James Arthur Ray says.

Riddle Me this???
Around August 4th James Arthur Ray started giving away his Harmonic Wealth Home Study Course via several web download sites.  WHY????  When James Arthur Ray (a man internationally renown for charging $$$$ for EVERYTHING) starts GIVING stuff away FREE ::: you just know there's gonn'a be a catch.  NOTE: You can still purchase a hard copy from Amazon.

Closing Thoughts
Reading the Words of a Sociopath

All great spiritual traditions properly understood have but one ultimate teaching... The realization of our own Divine identity
James Arthur Ray

Adjective: Of, from, or like God or a god.
Noun: A cleric or theologian. More »

The word Divine is bantered about a great deal these days ::: mostly by well meaning folks who have little idea as to it's true definition.  As I read James Arthur Ray's musings, it's becoming more and more obvious he believes he's a godlike person ::: or possibly God.  His latest Tweet, only serves reinforce this idea.

Over the years I've studied many religions.  The scriptures and religious tenets I've read have used the word Divine ascribed to Asdzą́ą́ Nádleehé, Buddha, Shakuru, Tawa, Christ, Muhammad, Allah, Tabaldak, God, etc. ::: NOT people who live or act like James Arthur Ray.

All scriptures encourage us to honor (follow) God's tenents ::: live honorably and to treat others as we would be treated ourselves.  This means DON'T LIE ::: DON'T STEAL ::: DON'T ABUSE ::: DON'T KILL.  As doing so only serves to alienate us from God and distance us from his/her Divine grace.

As children of the divine we are encouraged to love one and other ::: as God has loved and continues to love us.  James Arthur Ray is a godless man, completely lacking in the Divine, who's only capable of loving himself.

August INDEX of Inane James Arthur Ray Tweets

4 August
We must pre-live the future, learn from but not re-live the past, and savor the moment

3 August
No matter what we think or say about, or do towards, another person... Its not about them, its always about us
3 August
Change your perspective on anything, and you change your experience of it.  How can you view a circumstance in your life in a new way today?
2 August
The wake of a boat doesn't drive the boat, it's just the trail left behind.  Likewise your past does not equal your present or future.

1 August
If you keep waiting for something special to happen to be happy... Even when that something special happens you won't be happy
1 August
Most are so busy wishing and longing for what life should be, that they never embrace and appreciate what life is


  1. Oh Jeannika, this is too good!! Please keep posting. Just when I think Death Ray can't get any worse, he sinks even deeper into "basement level" What a piece of scum. Everyone visualize MAXIMUM SENTENCE.

  2. Yes, I second that. This whole trial should've been done and dusted by now. It's galling that he can still be out there tweaking up his website (he's SUCH an amateur at that) and doing things like this when he's a CONVICTED FELON. By the way, mosey on over to his Flickr pages and note that he's deleted OVER 2000 photos from it - Gosh, including many of himself, whoever thought THAT would happen? Hmm, wonder why? I noted a whole album of earlier Spiritual Warrior pix got deleted at the start of his trial, no doubt they could've been particularly damning if viewed in light of events. TWO YEARS in October. The law is an ass that he's still walking around free and able to continue all these scams and cons. All the best, Jeanne :)